Profil of Tengku Ahmad Arif, ST

teukuTengku Ahmad Arif is graduate from Medan Institute of Technology, North Sumatera. He has experience  more than 20 (twenty) years  in execution  and management of  engineering  and construction around CPI   project  Riau – Sumatera .  His experience  including  construction of piping, mechanical and various of civil works. He also has experiences in safety specialist,  instructor of  Managing Safety Work training for   Contractors in oil and gas company Chevron Project. The project areas are includes  HES Compliance Coordinator for  CPM-HO, IM-HO , HES Compliance  Coordinator seconded for PG&T  North Duri out going  transmission line and Gulamo sub station  and transmission project Duri RIAU.  Proir to joint with PT. Harap Panjang as HES manager of road construction service for Duri and Dumai operation areas,  Tengku Ahmad Arif has duty and responsibilities in Chevron North Duri Development project as Senior HES Compliance Coordinator.